"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Treat Bag

  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We were quite busy but everything was a success and we had such a wonderful time spending it with family.  I thought I would share just a couple of pictures with you and I wanted to share what we gave out with left overs when our guests left.  The reason I didn't share this before is because our guests read my blog...at least I hope they do.  I didn't want to spoil their surprise.
  Every year that we host Thanksgiving we always send left overs with our guests when they leave.  We buy the "take away" tupperware.  Now, I realize this might get a little pricey if you have a lot of guests but I bought a package of six descent size containers for $5.  If you do have a lot of guests and you want to do this only make one container for one family.  This year I wanted to send them off with something that was different other than just left overs.  Knowing that some of my guests had another dinner to go to I made a "refreshing treat bag".

  Above is a picture of the goodies I put in their bag.
   1.  Butterball turkey guideline "cheat sheet"
        My mom gave me one of these and so I thought that this would be a great thing to give out.  I remember my first Thanksgiving and how much this helped.  The card has information like how long you should thaw your turkey, how long you should cook your turkey (stuffed or unstuffed), etc.  It even gives the 1-800 # for Butterball just in case you have a turkey emergency.  I photo copied and laminated it.
  2.  Altoids in the mini tin!  Really how could I not buy them.  They are the tiniest tins, I love it.  Plus side if anyone has heart burn or has stuffy sinuses these will help.
  3.  Gum, who doesn't like gum.  Fresh breathe, can't go wrong with that.
  4.  Dental floss/tooth picks are always nice to have.  I just bought a big bag of them and put them in snack baggies.

  Below is a picture of the bag I made to put all of their goodies in.  I stamped gold dots on the bag, cut the top with decorative scissors and then made a tag with one of my stamps that says, "From our family to yours" and then tied it with string.

  You could do this for any dinner party if you wanted.  I also included a recipe for one of the dips I made.   Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fashion Showdown: DIY Infinity Scarf

  Have you ever kept a hold of a favorite shirt even though it isn't wearable because you can't part with it?  If only there was some way to keep it without "wearing" it but still wearing it?  I figured it out!  Make it into a scarf.  T-shirts are so lite weight and when you cut it you don't really have to sew it.  This is how I did it.  Don't blink though, it's fast.

How To:
1.  Take your shirt and lay it out flat.  Cut the bottom half off.

2.  Gather your cut section into a circle.

3.  Put it on and rock it like it's no one's business!

  I really want to go to the thrift store (because I have $20 in my pocket) and find some really cool tees to do this to.  Even really raggedy, holy shirts would look cool.  Kind of a laid back look.  You may be thinking from the very first picture there wasn't anything wrong with my shirt.  There was, you just can't tell in the picture.  I had a good size hole at the top that I tried to mend but made it worse.  Well, happy DIY!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday in the Kitchen: How I am Preparing for Thanksgiving

  Holidays in general are...chaotic and we can tend to overwhelm ourselves with the tiniest things.  Time is non existent and once the day has ended we feel like we have ran a marathon that we didn't train for.  This year I am NOT going to do that.  Don't get me wrong I still find that enjoyment of family and friends, that ambiance of magic and love however I want to increase that but a million.   So, I am going to buckle down and SIMPLIFY my holidays, first, by organizing myself.
  Hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year was a last minute assignment for me.  I have done it before so I have relief in that.  I have sat down and given myself a schedule with just a couple of things to do each day leading up to Thanksgiving.  Rather than over doing it and sending me and my husband in every direction we can sit down and enjoy the holiday with our families.

What I did step by step:
 1.  I wrote down all of the service and dinner ware that I will need.
       Everything from appetizer trays to utensils got put on a list.
2.  I printed out all of the recipes that I found that I didn't have already.  If you already have them on a card or in a book pull them out or mark them.  This will keep you from fumbling around trying to find them and driving yourself crazy. (Don't be the crazy one at Thanksgiving.)
3.  I wrote down everything that I needed to do and decided on which days I could do them on.  For example, I can make my appetizers a couple days ahead of time but I have to pull my turkey out 4 days ahead to thaw.  Make a rough draft then finalize it and print (or write) it out. 
4.  I have placed everything in a folder with a highlighter.  As I get the things done I need to, I highlight them.  

My folder

My schedule

Everything in my folder
  Now, this is all after I have gone grocery shopping.  I am assuming everyone has already done that by now but if not I hope this helps.  Enjoy your holiday, your family and your friends, that is the reason why we celebrate.  Happy not being the chicken with it's head cut off!  ;)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Face of the Day

  Today I am sharing what I was wearing for makeup.  These pictures are from a couple of days ago but my foundation routine is the same.  I am going to try and find the best way to film these tutorials so it will make things a lot easier to explain.  The lighting has to be perfect and that is my biggest problem even with photos.  So, I am going to warn you, these photos could be better but I am working on it.  If you want to get this look then keep reading:

  Step #1:  My foundation routine

Foundation: Cover Girl  Clean Sensitive Skin formula in Buff Beige
Concealer:  Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Illuminator/Brightener
Powder:  Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Sand

  * I applied my foundation with a Sonya Kashuk foundation brush.   I started with a small amount on my nose and right under my cheek bones close to my nose.  (I will do a complete beginning to end foundation routine with detailed pictures another time.)  I work in a circular motion with my brush moving from the center of my face out.  Then I applied a small amount to my chin working in the same motion then my forehead is last.
  * I took my concealer and swiped it under my eyes.  Using my ring finger (I always wash my hands before) I blotted or tapped in my concealer making sure it was blended in.
  *Finally I applied my powder.  Depending on the day I will use the puff my powder comes with or a brush.  If I use a brush I use my MaryKay powder brush or my Sonya Kashuk just depending on which one is clean.  Today I used the puff.

    Step #2: My eyes:

Eye shadow primer:  Urban Decay's eye shadow primer
Eye shadow:  Profusion Colour me glow eye shadow palette
Eye liner:  Revlon's Color Stay liquid eye liner in Blackest Black and Cover Girl's Pencil

  *I applied my eye primer using my pinky.  I cover my eye lid making sure I buff it into the lid.
  * Then I used a flat eye shadow brush to apply my first color.  I use a light "highlighting" color (in the picture below I used the light pink color in the upper left corner) and I start at the inner corner of the eye and tap it into my eye lid about 1/4 of the way in.
  *Cleaning off the same brush I tap my second color (the 2nd color in the first row/column under the light pink) and I start from the outer corner of my eye working it into my crease and ending where my highlighting shade ended.
  *I then used my 3rd color (2nd color in on the middle row) I tap my ring finger and apply it to just above the crease and blend the two colors.
  *Last but not least I took my highlight color and applied it to the arch of my eye brow blending with my other ring finger.

  *Before I applied my eyeliner I curled my lashes.
  *I took my liquid eyeliner and started on the inner corner of my eye and with small light strokes I applied my liner.  I use this same technique with a pencil eye liner.  The liquid eye liner I use is perfect.  It's in a felt pen form and perfect for beginners.

  *On my bottom water line I used waterproof pencil eye liner with a light hand.
  *With the tip of the sponge eyeshadow brush (you know the ones that come with the eyeshadows) I smudge a matte black eye shadow on the bottom eyeliner.

   Step #3:  My Lips

 Lipstick:  L'oreal Raisin Rapture

  *First I applied chapstick and then I applied my lipstick.  I really don't use any special technique when applying lipstick.  Every once in awhile I will use a nude colored lip liner when I apply red lipstick.  It helps make the red really pop and keeps it from bleeding out of your lip line.

  I really hope you like post and found it helpful.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy makeup!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fitness Friday: Finding Inspiration

   With so much going on around us (especially this time of year) it's such a wonderful time to find inspiration.  Rather than worrying about what is going to distract us from our goals let us keep an eye out for what's going to inspire us to continue to reach them.  Today's post is really simple for Fitness Friday.  It's about what gets us out that the door to go run, to go to the gym, to go walk, hike, bike and to get fit.  Inspiration is all around me.  The gorgeous colors of Autumn, the amounts of energy I get even though it's cold outside and the relief of every day hustle and bustle after a nice workout.  The more energy we put into looking for those little things to keep us going the more we will get in return.  You are already someone's inspiration even though you may not be aware, so make the best of it.  We all have it in us to do great things why not start now?

                                                        Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fashion Showdown: Don't Say Goodbye to Yellow

    Fashion Showdown is a new series post  I am starting.  I will share my outfits of the day, things I have done to spruce up my wardrobe, places I usually find good buys;  tons of ideas that I have been wanting to share but didn't really know how to.  I am a thrifty shopper for most of my fashion needs (ok wants, I should really say wants right here).  I get a kick out of finding clothes, shoes, jewelry, anything really for a killer price.  Whether or not it is name brand I don't care, as long as it is good quality for a good price.  Don't get me wrong I do splurge every once and awhile but for the most part I am cheap.   So with this series I will share my cheapness with you ;)  Here we go...

  Yellow seems to be a color that gets taken out of our wardrobes when Summer is over.  I am not talking mustard yellow.  I mean the bright, sunshine yellow.  I am not really for one to follow the "fashion rules" but some colors  get set aside in my closet for some reason.  However, by combining those ones with the right colors you will easily expand your wardrobe for the season.

  In the outfit below I have taken my yellow and grey striped shirt.  I combined it with black accessories and dark blue jeggings.  When pairing yellow with black you always think of a bumblebee but with grey it takes that away and softens the look.  I chose dark blue pants rather than black so that I wasn't saturating the color pattern.  By adding a knitted beanie it gives my outfit some warmth for the season.

  I kept my jewelry simple but added all the colors in my clothing.  They had different textures from each other.  So talking cheap, I only paid $12 for my jeggings and $5 for my shirt.  My jewelry I have had for awhile.  My shoes I have had for awhile but I did get them for $10.  Shop the clearance for jewelry especially if you are looking for a piece for one outfit.  I hope this gave you some good ideas about combining colors.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday in the Kitchen: Pumpkin Waffles

  One of my husband's favorite things for breakfast is pumpkin waffles.  They are really easy to make. All you need is a waffle/pancake mix like Bisquick, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice.

  How To:
1.  Mix your waffle/pancake mix according to the directions on the box.
2.  Add 1/4  Cup pumpkin puree.
3.  Mix in the pumpkin puree and then add a dash of pumpkin pie spice.

4.  Cook your waffles according to the box or your waffle maker.  Mine is self timed so I couldn't give you an exact time just keep an eye on them.

    This would be great to make for Thanksgiving morning if you have a late dinner.  I hope you guys try this and enjoy.  Happy waffles!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Place Markers

  Can anyone believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away!?  This year I am hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas so I will be sharing what I am doing for table settings and other things that I may come up with.  For Thanksgiving I usually make place markers for the table setting.  To me I don't see it as "an assigned seat" I want my guests to know that I am thinking about them and make it a personal feeling.  So, let me show you what I did.

  What you need:
1.  Hole punch
2.  Faux Leafs
3.  Card stock -color of choice
4.  Gold ink pad
5.  Ribbon -color of choice
6.  Marker

  How to:
1.  Take your card stock and cut out whatever shape you want your tag to be.
2.  Using your gold ink pad, brush the edges of your tag.  Write the name or message you would like in the center of the tag.  (The picture below doesn't do it justice of the gold edging but you some what get the idea.)

3.  Punch a hole in your tag and your leaf.

4.  String your ribbon through both your tag and leaf then tie a loose knot.

  This would even make for a great addition to a host gift or a basket for someone.  Just another way to use faux foliage other than a vase filler.  Happy crafting!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday in the Kitchen: Getting Rid of the Packages

  Some of the best things come in small packages...right?  One of my biggest pet peeves is having a million packages for different salad dressings, soup/dip mixes, chili spices etc etc.  So I decided that I was going to put them in spice jars.  I kept track of how many tables spoons one package held then kept a reference in my recipe book that I usually always use.  To me this makes it easier to store and I am not stuffing packages of mixes into the cupboard where they could tear.

  So far I have done Italian dressing packets and taco seasoning packets.  I bought my jars at World Market for .99 each.  I have my eye on some bigger jars for my onion soup packets and things like that.  Happy being in the kitchen!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Favorites

  This favorites post is going to be short and sweet.  I have only two products to share with you.  I was going to cheat and put in some others but I didn't really "use" them the entire month of October.    November favorites will be filled with a ton of things.  Okay, so here they are...

  First item is the Redken Smooth Lock conditioner.  I SWEAR by this conditioner.  For the last few months I haven't used it (because I was out and too lazy to go into the salon and buy it) and my hair was frizzy, never shined when I flat ironed or curled it,  and it wasn't nearly as soft and silky as it is now.  I bought the giant bottle for $21.00 or so and it was completely worth it!  Hands down best conditioner ever.  Lesson learned to not be so lazy.
  Second item is St. Ives Energizing Citrus body wash.  Now, I know I have raved and put this in one of my favorites before BUT this scent is INCREDIBLE!  Refreshing and it does wake you up.  St. Ives also has the same 100% paraben free line in lotion.  I am temped to try it.
  There you have it, my favorites of the month.  Happy favorites!