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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Treat Bag

  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We were quite busy but everything was a success and we had such a wonderful time spending it with family.  I thought I would share just a couple of pictures with you and I wanted to share what we gave out with left overs when our guests left.  The reason I didn't share this before is because our guests read my blog...at least I hope they do.  I didn't want to spoil their surprise.
  Every year that we host Thanksgiving we always send left overs with our guests when they leave.  We buy the "take away" tupperware.  Now, I realize this might get a little pricey if you have a lot of guests but I bought a package of six descent size containers for $5.  If you do have a lot of guests and you want to do this only make one container for one family.  This year I wanted to send them off with something that was different other than just left overs.  Knowing that some of my guests had another dinner to go to I made a "refreshing treat bag".

  Above is a picture of the goodies I put in their bag.
   1.  Butterball turkey guideline "cheat sheet"
        My mom gave me one of these and so I thought that this would be a great thing to give out.  I remember my first Thanksgiving and how much this helped.  The card has information like how long you should thaw your turkey, how long you should cook your turkey (stuffed or unstuffed), etc.  It even gives the 1-800 # for Butterball just in case you have a turkey emergency.  I photo copied and laminated it.
  2.  Altoids in the mini tin!  Really how could I not buy them.  They are the tiniest tins, I love it.  Plus side if anyone has heart burn or has stuffy sinuses these will help.
  3.  Gum, who doesn't like gum.  Fresh breathe, can't go wrong with that.
  4.  Dental floss/tooth picks are always nice to have.  I just bought a big bag of them and put them in snack baggies.

  Below is a picture of the bag I made to put all of their goodies in.  I stamped gold dots on the bag, cut the top with decorative scissors and then made a tag with one of my stamps that says, "From our family to yours" and then tied it with string.

  You could do this for any dinner party if you wanted.  I also included a recipe for one of the dips I made.   Happy Thanksgiving!

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