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Monday, November 18, 2013

Fashion Showdown: Don't Say Goodbye to Yellow

    Fashion Showdown is a new series post  I am starting.  I will share my outfits of the day, things I have done to spruce up my wardrobe, places I usually find good buys;  tons of ideas that I have been wanting to share but didn't really know how to.  I am a thrifty shopper for most of my fashion needs (ok wants, I should really say wants right here).  I get a kick out of finding clothes, shoes, jewelry, anything really for a killer price.  Whether or not it is name brand I don't care, as long as it is good quality for a good price.  Don't get me wrong I do splurge every once and awhile but for the most part I am cheap.   So with this series I will share my cheapness with you ;)  Here we go...

  Yellow seems to be a color that gets taken out of our wardrobes when Summer is over.  I am not talking mustard yellow.  I mean the bright, sunshine yellow.  I am not really for one to follow the "fashion rules" but some colors  get set aside in my closet for some reason.  However, by combining those ones with the right colors you will easily expand your wardrobe for the season.

  In the outfit below I have taken my yellow and grey striped shirt.  I combined it with black accessories and dark blue jeggings.  When pairing yellow with black you always think of a bumblebee but with grey it takes that away and softens the look.  I chose dark blue pants rather than black so that I wasn't saturating the color pattern.  By adding a knitted beanie it gives my outfit some warmth for the season.

  I kept my jewelry simple but added all the colors in my clothing.  They had different textures from each other.  So talking cheap, I only paid $12 for my jeggings and $5 for my shirt.  My jewelry I have had for awhile.  My shoes I have had for awhile but I did get them for $10.  Shop the clearance for jewelry especially if you are looking for a piece for one outfit.  I hope this gave you some good ideas about combining colors.

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