"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Envelopes

  I bought Easter cards last year and didn't use all of them but for some odd reason I used all of the envelopes.  Weird?  I swear they should give you a couple extra ones in the pack just in case you make a mistake addressing one.  That's me, right there.  I like my envelopes to look nice and neat.  Anyways.   I had to find envelopes that would fit my cards.  Well, of course I had less envelopes than I did cards so I decided to make my own with the million pieces of card stock I have.   Here's what I did.

1.  Unfold the envelope you want to trace onto your 12x12 card stock (see picture above).
2.  Trace your envelope and cut it out.
3.  Using a bone folder and a ruler run your bone folder (like you would a pencil) along the ruler where you would make your fold/crease (see picture below).

4.  Then fold where your crease is, running your bone folder along the crease.
5.  Fold your sides in and then run a glue stick along the sides of the bottom piece and glue to the side pieces.

  You can decorate them like I did with ribbon or whatever you feel like putting on them.  You could customize them to your event or holiday.  I have so much scrapbook paper and little do dads to add to paper crafts it is highly ridiculous so I figure this is just another way to use all of that stuff.  I am pretty sure that you could even mail them like that.  If people can mail flip flops I think you should be able to mail decorated envelopes.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Package

   A few years ago I started sending cards and little packages to friends and family.  I try to be creative in what I send and when I send it.  I've sent packages for "Preparing for Winter", Valentine's," Pool Side Kit", ect.  With St. Patrick's Day coming up I couldn't pass up the opportunity to send my Grandma (who is Irish) a package.  I tried to think of something simple to send that would brighten their day and who doesn't like Kisses! Of course I had to use the "Kiss Me I'm Irish" and made  a tag to put on top of the bag.  I searched for a "printable" on Pinterest but I couldn't find one.  But I'm sure there are ones out there.  If not I just printed my quote in green and stuck it on green card stock paper.

   I put these in a padded envelope with a card.  A nice little surprise to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
I folded the top of the cello bag about mid way down and then stapled it.  Then I folded my "label" in half and stapled the back of the label to the bag and put double sided sticky tape on the inside front of the label.  That way you don't see the staples on the front.
   Happy St. Patrick's Day!