"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Favorite Family Photo

   Merry Christmas everyone!  Today my husband and I hosted Christmas brunch and we had so much fun.  I am so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life.  Goofy is what this photo is and I think it's the best photo.

   I did get a video camera!!!!  So be prepared to watch some tutorials and vlogs.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last minute gift ideas

   With as much chaos that is going on with the holidays I managed to put together a blog for some gift ideas.  I know it's only a week until Christmas but if your timing has been a little off (like mine) then I am right on schedule.  I have put pictures below breaking them up into 5 items per picture.  After each picture I will make a description and why I love these things.  I Hope this will help you find something for  that person left on your list or maybe for yourself.

Going clockwise from left to right starting on the top row
1.  Redken (Extreme) Anti-Snap-  It is a leave in treatment for distressed hair and it's AMAZING.  My hair dresser uses this on my hair every time I get my hair done.  This is one of the more expensive things on my list but it isn't horrible for $18.99 at Fred Meyers it's worth every penny.  It makes your hair flow and shine.  Just one pump after you wash your hair then style.  Your hair will thank you.
2.  Bath and Body Works body lotion.  The one in the picture is Sparkling Berry but they do have holiday scents that are delightful.  I LOVE this lotion.  Every body knows about B&BW but it makes for a great little gift.  The full sizes are $10.50 each and the travel size are $4.50 but they usually have great sales on them.
3.  MaryKay & Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes.  I love these brushes and I have actually asked my husband for another set of Sonia Kashuk brushes.  Both sets in the picture work wonders at applying  my makeup perfectly.  A girl can never have too many brushes.  I paid about $20 for my MaryKay and $10 for Sonia Kashuk.
4.  Mini mirror with monogram. This is a double sided mirror.  One side is magnified for a closer look which is perfect for tweezing the eyebrows.  I found mine in the $1 section at Michaels but you can also find them at Forever 21.  Great stocking stuffers and a good way to make a gift more personalized.
5.  Studded earrings.  As you can see one set is from Forever 21 and I got the other at Fred Meyer.  $5 or less is what I paid for them.  They are perfect to put on when you want to wear something but not feel like your over doing it.  Any kind of studs in a little variety pack (I really want to get gem/diamond ones) are perfect to get someone.

Going from left to right
1.  Printed tanks.  I chose to put my animal printed tanks in this picture but there are so many cute prints out there to choose from.  These are great to wear under a long sleeve shirt or sweat shirt.  It just adds a little something to a plain tee or sweatshirt.  I got both of these at Walmart for about $3.
2.  Paperless coffee mug.  This thing is WONDERFUL.  I love unique mugs.  I am a coffee and tea person (especially in cold weather)  and this makes a great gift for someone who likes warm drinks.  I thought that I would spill all over the place with this but I don't.  Cost Plus World Market for $7.99.
3.  E.L.F eye shadow.  Target carries this brand and it is very very inexpensive.  Each palette that I have has 32 colors . I bought both the cool and warm palettes and paid $5 each.  Yes some of the colors are extreme but they are fun to play with.  There are a lot of neutral colors.  Some of the colors are not very pigmented but I think this would be a good gift to give a girl that is just starting out with makeup.  Look for other E.LF. products at Target.
4.  Nail Magic nail polish.  This is a nail hardener that also prevents your nails from peeling.  You can  use it as a base coat or a top coat.  I paid $5.99 at Fred Meyers and it's the best remedy for my nails.  After about a week or so I could really see the difference.  My nail polish color stays on for a good week before it starts chipping.  Another product I would also recommend if O.P.I. top coat.  It is a little pricey  for a top coat ($8.99) but it is great stuff.
5.  Tweezers and Mini Nail clippers.  Yes I am recommending these because I always have them in my purse and in my makeup drawer at home.  A girl can always use them and you never know when they will come in handy.  Perfect for stocking stuffers and really cheap.  I think I have even seen some tweezers that come in colors and patterns like pink with zebra print.  Super cute.

I really hope this helps you with your shopping and please if you have any questions or comments please make a comment below.  I would love to hear if you gave one of these items as a gift or if you got something for yourself and your feed back.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I disappeared for awhile...sorry

   Ok I have been major busy.  So busy that I didn't even do two projects from last month.  With the holidays and trying to get it all done it's been hard.  But, this helped me come up with a different way to blog.  I will try it this month and see if it will make things easier.  This month I will just post my projects as I go.  My random ideas of things and pictures.  I was finding myself falling into the, "oh I didn't say that I was going to blog about it so I don't think I should put it in" type thing.  So my blog posts will be at random.  Anything and everything will be the topics.  Hopefully I will get a video camera from Santa and I could VLOG and hopefully that keeps this more interesting.
  And please comment on anything . I want to know if these posts are fun when I do them or whatever it strikes you.  Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself.  So I hope you look forward to this.  I will blog you later...hahaha.