"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fitness Friday: Finding Inspiration

   With so much going on around us (especially this time of year) it's such a wonderful time to find inspiration.  Rather than worrying about what is going to distract us from our goals let us keep an eye out for what's going to inspire us to continue to reach them.  Today's post is really simple for Fitness Friday.  It's about what gets us out that the door to go run, to go to the gym, to go walk, hike, bike and to get fit.  Inspiration is all around me.  The gorgeous colors of Autumn, the amounts of energy I get even though it's cold outside and the relief of every day hustle and bustle after a nice workout.  The more energy we put into looking for those little things to keep us going the more we will get in return.  You are already someone's inspiration even though you may not be aware, so make the best of it.  We all have it in us to do great things why not start now?

                                                        Happy Friday everyone!

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