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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Face of the Day

  Today I am sharing what I was wearing for makeup.  These pictures are from a couple of days ago but my foundation routine is the same.  I am going to try and find the best way to film these tutorials so it will make things a lot easier to explain.  The lighting has to be perfect and that is my biggest problem even with photos.  So, I am going to warn you, these photos could be better but I am working on it.  If you want to get this look then keep reading:

  Step #1:  My foundation routine

Foundation: Cover Girl  Clean Sensitive Skin formula in Buff Beige
Concealer:  Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Illuminator/Brightener
Powder:  Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Sand

  * I applied my foundation with a Sonya Kashuk foundation brush.   I started with a small amount on my nose and right under my cheek bones close to my nose.  (I will do a complete beginning to end foundation routine with detailed pictures another time.)  I work in a circular motion with my brush moving from the center of my face out.  Then I applied a small amount to my chin working in the same motion then my forehead is last.
  * I took my concealer and swiped it under my eyes.  Using my ring finger (I always wash my hands before) I blotted or tapped in my concealer making sure it was blended in.
  *Finally I applied my powder.  Depending on the day I will use the puff my powder comes with or a brush.  If I use a brush I use my MaryKay powder brush or my Sonya Kashuk just depending on which one is clean.  Today I used the puff.

    Step #2: My eyes:

Eye shadow primer:  Urban Decay's eye shadow primer
Eye shadow:  Profusion Colour me glow eye shadow palette
Eye liner:  Revlon's Color Stay liquid eye liner in Blackest Black and Cover Girl's Pencil

  *I applied my eye primer using my pinky.  I cover my eye lid making sure I buff it into the lid.
  * Then I used a flat eye shadow brush to apply my first color.  I use a light "highlighting" color (in the picture below I used the light pink color in the upper left corner) and I start at the inner corner of the eye and tap it into my eye lid about 1/4 of the way in.
  *Cleaning off the same brush I tap my second color (the 2nd color in the first row/column under the light pink) and I start from the outer corner of my eye working it into my crease and ending where my highlighting shade ended.
  *I then used my 3rd color (2nd color in on the middle row) I tap my ring finger and apply it to just above the crease and blend the two colors.
  *Last but not least I took my highlight color and applied it to the arch of my eye brow blending with my other ring finger.

  *Before I applied my eyeliner I curled my lashes.
  *I took my liquid eyeliner and started on the inner corner of my eye and with small light strokes I applied my liner.  I use this same technique with a pencil eye liner.  The liquid eye liner I use is perfect.  It's in a felt pen form and perfect for beginners.

  *On my bottom water line I used waterproof pencil eye liner with a light hand.
  *With the tip of the sponge eyeshadow brush (you know the ones that come with the eyeshadows) I smudge a matte black eye shadow on the bottom eyeliner.

   Step #3:  My Lips

 Lipstick:  L'oreal Raisin Rapture

  *First I applied chapstick and then I applied my lipstick.  I really don't use any special technique when applying lipstick.  Every once in awhile I will use a nude colored lip liner when I apply red lipstick.  It helps make the red really pop and keeps it from bleeding out of your lip line.

  I really hope you like post and found it helpful.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy makeup!

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