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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gardening Tip: Save Your Plant Tags

  When I was younger I always admired how my mom could tell me what a flower or plants name was.  Once I became a homeowner and started to garden and plant flowers I wanted to know what I was planting and know how to perfect my green thumb just like my mom.
  For quite some years now I have been saving my plant tags and journal where I planted things and how they did.  This is honestly one of the best tips I could ever give someone who is starting out gardening.  Whether it's a vegetable garden and/or a flower garden this is extremely helpful.  Now, I don't write in it every day, just when something happens...like when a plant dies, or seeing that my tomato plants are producing a lot.

  These tags are chalked full of information like where to plant, how often to water, etc.  I only save the ones that are new to me.  In other words, if I planted it last year and I saved the tag I don't keep it for this year.  How I journal each plant is really pretty simple.  I write down where I planted it (I even draw a chart, no it's not pretty but it does the trick), I keep track of it's behavior and I write down what type of fertilizer I use.  I will add pictures of my good work.  The dead ones don't make the cut.
  I hope this helps you in the future with anything you plant in your garden.  Every year I look forward to doing it all over again and looking at the previous years.  Now get out there and get in the dirt.

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