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-Geri Weitzman

Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY Puff Flowers

  Recently I redecorated my office and I was going for a natural, laid back look.  Natural, earth tone colors have been my thing.  I love to change things so keeping things neutral makes it easy. 
  My shelf above my desk needed some sort of floral element but I didn't want a typical flower.  Does that make sense?   My husband and I have been obsessed trying to find these one kind of flowers to add into our garden.  They are round, purple, snowball like flowers.  Well, that was my inspiration with this project so I decided I would make my own version for my office but in my favorite colors, and this is how I did it.

  What you need:
1. Yarn 
2. Scissors
3. Sticks of some sort (I found some from my yard)
4. Hot glue

  How to make the puff ball:
1.  Start by wrapping your yarn around your fingers (see picture below)

2.  You want to wrap the yarn pretty thick so that you can have a nice full puff ball.
3.  Once you get it to your desired thickness remove it from your fingers and tie a piece of yarn in the middle making two ends with multiple loops like this...

4.  Now cut all the loops and then fluff!  You have now made a puff ball.  

5.  Glue the puff ball to the end of the stick and put them in a vase.  

  I really like the natural element from the twigs and that it's different from other flowers you would find in a store.  
  You can buy a tool that helps you make puff balls (which I do have) it works the same way.  
  I hope you enjoyed this project.  

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