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Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Outfits for the Week

  As you know by now I plan my outfits for the week.  Yes, I know, I am crazy.  Like I have said before it keeps me from standing in my closet, staring at my clothes with no time to spare trying to figure out what I am going to wear.  I thought I would share my outfits for the week and how I pull them together.
  I take one piece and build my outfit around that.  Jewelry, a pair of pants or shoes anything can inspire me.  So...this is my week in outfits.


  My inspiration is the scarf.  The bright colors drew me in.  I bought it this last weekend at H&M for $5.95.  You gotta love a good deal.  My shirt is a v-neck from Walmart and my jeggings as well.


  Inspiration behind this outfit is the necklace.  I scored this puppy (along with a pair of earrings to match) at Walgreens for $5.99.  This necklace is really light weight and can go with pretty much anything.  My jeans are from Hollister I got on clearance for $14.99 and I paired them with my gray Mossimo boyfriend tee from Target.


  The jean vest and pink knot earrings are both the items behind this outfit.  I have been wanting a jean vest for awhile.  A few weeks ago I went to Savers and found this Calvin Klein vest for $7.99!  The earrings are from Forever 21 and were only $3.80.  My shirt is Merona from Target and my pants are (that I have had for almost 10 years) from Hollister.


  The earrings above are Thursday's inspiration.  $3.80 at Forever 21 really can make an outfit.  My shirt is Mossimo at Target and my jeggings are from Walmart.


  Thankfully the weather will allow me to finally wear my leopard print sandals that I got from Wet Seal for really cheap.  My shirt is Mossimo from Target and my jeans are from Aeropostal I got on sale for $20!  You can't tell by the photo but they are slightly worn.
  Let me know if you guys liked this kind of post and what inspires your outfits.

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