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Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Shopping Deals

  I asked you guys if you wanted to see what I got when I went shopping last week and you said yes so here it is.  The deals were amazing and I bet they are still going on since everyone is trying to get rid of their Winter items and move in Spring.
  My first stop was at H&M where I got this leopard print scarf.  It's really light weight and it was only $6.95!  That wasn't on sale either.

  Then I headed over to Rue 21 where I got the best deal of the day.  I bought this sweater on clearance for $3!  Come Spring time I will still be able to wear it because of the color and it's not heavy knit.

Here's me wearing it and the knit up close.  I actually bought this in an Extra Large because I wanted it to come down past my bum when I wear jeggings.  It has a silver, sparkly thread through out it.

  Next stop was Wet Seal.  Now, it took all of my will power not to buy one of everything in the store because it was 40% off of everything except clearance.  I bought this scarf and leopard print sandals.  So the scarf was originally $9.90 and the sandals were $6.90.  After the 40% off I got them both for $10.08 (plus tax).

  Finally I made it to Forever 21.  Usually I don't find a lot of clothes because their set up makes my OCD brain have a fit but this time I made out with a really good find.  Another sweater!  This one is a heavy knit in an indigo blue.  I think this color is really flattering on brunettes.  I got it for $9!

  Below is a picture of me wearing it and an up close shot of the knit.  It's extremely soft and so comfortable.

  Like I have said before I am cheap and I love a good deal.  Don't get me wrong, I will splurge on some things like a pair of shoes or a purse but it's always rewarding to walk out with a ton of shopping bags and have hardly spent any money.  Go out there and find some deals.  I hope you like this kind of post.  I am thinking about doing them when I buy new products like makeup, skin care and hair care.  Happy shopping everyone!

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