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Sunday, February 9, 2014

February Loves: Sally Hansen's Gel Manicure Kit

    For a long time I would get my nails done at the salon.  Things changed and I had to cut that out of my budget so I got into painting my nails.  Now, they have at home gel manicure kits and I was lucky enough to get one recently.
  The results are in and I LOVE it!  I love a perfect manicure.  Painting my nails a dark color is always a hit or miss whether it's going fade fast or not.  The dark colors are AMAZING and they don't fade.  They stay shiny and the edges don't wear down.  Because my nail beds are really oily I don't have to wrap my nails with the remover, cotton ball and tin foil.  I think it's worth the investment if you want have very well manicured nails and keep a color on for more than a week.

  The price ($65) is a little more than a salon manicure but you get several manicures out of it.   You can buy the products individually so if you run out of one thing you don't have to buy an entire kit again.

  In the picture above the manicure on the left is the color that my box came with and the color on the right is a dark purple.  One huge positive about the gel is that it dries instantly after it cures.  So, if you are looking at getting one I would recommend it.  Enjoy a great manicure!

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