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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fitness Friday: Warm Weather Gear

  For those of you that are runners or workout outside of a gym you know that the weather plays a huge role in our motivation to get out that door.  So, why not have a couple of things that will keep us comfortable and knock out any negative factor?  There are three MAJOR items of "clothing" I must have for the colder months to workout in.  

1.  Headphone earmuffs!  
        I LOVE these!  My ears stay nice and toasty and on  my head when I run.

2.  Gloves with touch sensitive finger tips
      These are everywhere and thank goodness!  My husband has a couple pair as well and they look like men's gloves.  You can wash them and they will still work just as well.

3.  Duo dry-fit beanie or headband
     Duo dry or dry-fit anything is a workout essential in my book.  Unlike fleece these keep you nice and dry (duh) and not overly warm.  However, my husband has been known to take this off after a workout and be "steaming" from his head.  Still, this is a very comfortable wear.  I don't have the headband but I have worn the beanie and love it.

  I hope this helps you with the cold weather approaching.  Keep an eye out on Target's web site for coupons for their C9 brand for a couple (or more) dollars off.  There's nothing like scoring a great deal on workout gear.  Happy workout!

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