"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Envelopes

  I bought Easter cards last year and didn't use all of them but for some odd reason I used all of the envelopes.  Weird?  I swear they should give you a couple extra ones in the pack just in case you make a mistake addressing one.  That's me, right there.  I like my envelopes to look nice and neat.  Anyways.   I had to find envelopes that would fit my cards.  Well, of course I had less envelopes than I did cards so I decided to make my own with the million pieces of card stock I have.   Here's what I did.

1.  Unfold the envelope you want to trace onto your 12x12 card stock (see picture above).
2.  Trace your envelope and cut it out.
3.  Using a bone folder and a ruler run your bone folder (like you would a pencil) along the ruler where you would make your fold/crease (see picture below).

4.  Then fold where your crease is, running your bone folder along the crease.
5.  Fold your sides in and then run a glue stick along the sides of the bottom piece and glue to the side pieces.

  You can decorate them like I did with ribbon or whatever you feel like putting on them.  You could customize them to your event or holiday.  I have so much scrapbook paper and little do dads to add to paper crafts it is highly ridiculous so I figure this is just another way to use all of that stuff.  I am pretty sure that you could even mail them like that.  If people can mail flip flops I think you should be able to mail decorated envelopes.

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