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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy Peasy Cookies

   After the time just zooming by this season I hardly had any time to sit down and put together a cookie/treats list of what to make.  So luckily I ran across a blog called goodenessgracious.com that had cake mix cookie recipes.  I have made cookies from cake mixes before so I figured I would give it a shot.  I still wanted the homemade affect but without the "3 1/2 C flour, 2 C sugar, etc." and then having 6 dozen cookies from just ONE recipe not to mention the disaster to clean up in the kitchen.  These were so easy and made at most 3 dozen for each recipe.  She has 3 different kinds she made from a cookbook called Gooseberry Patch's Christmas Cookie Jar but I just chose two.  I must say that I am thankful for her blog because it saved me.  I thought I would share my day of baking with you.  You can get the recipes by clicking the link above.

First Batch of Cookies:  Santa's Favorite Cookies

   This calls for a red velvet cake mix and white chocolate chips.  Very Christmasy and delicious.  They came out nice and soft and stayed that way even the next day.
Tip:  Reserve about a tablespoon of cake mix (dry) and don't add the chocolate chips in with everything else.  As Ina Garten (Food Network Chef) has taught me toss the chocolate chips with the reserved cake mix and then add it to the dough mix.  This keeps the chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom when baking and keeps them from "falling out" of the spoonfuls when you place them on your cookie sheet. 

Second Batch of Cookies:  1-2-3 Cookies

   This recipe is made with a lemon cake mix and whip topping then rolled in powdered sugar.  These cookies taste like lemon bars.  Not too lemony and not too sugary.  Really you could do this with spice cake mix too.  Which I think Cris from goodenessgracious.com did.  We had the same out come with these staying soft as well.  

The dough

My plate of powdered sugar
   Third Batch of Cookies:  Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies

   I have never used a packaged sugar cookie mix.  I have always made them by scratch but I didn't have time or the patience so I went the easy route.  Instead of using cookie cutters I rolled them in colored sugar sprinkles to be festive.  This choice was made after my stars came out not how I wanted.

   All of these recipes came out great and I would make them again.  I think I might try some New Years ones and I will post them for you.  If you are in a pinch don't hesitate to make it easier on yourself.  So, from my happy baking kitchen to yours have a good day!

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