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Monday, September 3, 2012

Favorite Products of the Month

   I haven't been really good about picking favorites and putting them up monthly.  To be honest I haven't been really good about posting anything at.  However, I am going to (like a crazy woman) keep up with it all.  So I have narrowed my favorites down to five products.  Believe me that was a chore.  It's a wide range of products as far as you can go with just five.  So here they are:

#1 Revlon Colorstay Base Coat

  This is even better than the Nail Magic!  It looks like a milky color in the bottle but goes on clear.  It gives great hold to your nail polish of any kind.  My nail color lasts 6-7 days without chipping wheather I have OPI or Sinful Colors.  I love this stuff.  Before I would go about 3 days and then my polish would start to chip.  It has made my nails stronger and for $5.99 at Target it's a steal.

#2 Mary Kay's Soothing Eye Gel

  After a long day of my eyes constantly being glued to a computer screen I need something to refresh and relax them.  This gel is the answer.  You can actually put it on over your eyeshadow and it won't mess it up.  Just dab it on.  It's even better after it's been chilled in the fridge.  I can't remember the price exactly but I do know that it's around $20?  However, this will last you forever.  You don't need a lot and it's wonderful to apply if you get migraines.

#3 Downy Wrinkle Release

  When my husband and I went on vacation I took this so when we pulled out our clothes from the suit case they wouldn't have all those creases.  It gives your clothes a fresh, just washed smell, even though I put dryer sheets in the suitcases they don't always do the trick.  It doesn't stain and it dries quick.  Next time you're in need of a quick fix or when you're traveling try this out.  Target sells it in their travel section for around $2.

#4  Aleene's Fabric Glues

  Me and glue I swear.  Seriously though, if you're not a sewing person and you want to do some minor projects this is a must have in your craft supply bin.  It's washable even dry cleanable!  Actually you could do major projects with this.  My friend made her entire Halloween costume with this stuff.  AMAZING.   Pick some up at Michael's for about $5 or so.  You can buy the mini's in a three pack for the same price.

#5 GE Indoor Basic Timer

  Some of you may have cute lighting around the house like twinkle lights or little lamps or what not and probably get tired of making the rounds to turn them all on.  What if you have guests?  You don't want to excuse yourself to spend time turning on all the lights.  Well this will save you.  Of course when you're away for vacation it's nice but I got them for the first reason.  The instructions are simple.  You just plug it in, turn it to what time it is now (a.m. is the white section and gray is p.m.) then  push down the tabs of the time you want the light to come on.  Once again, a time saver.

   Enjoy these products if you get them.   I use these products all the time.  Let me know how they work out for you.  Remember to read all the instructions and safety guide lines before you use them and use them for their proper use.  Thank you for reading my post today I hope you have a great day.

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