"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Empty Frames? Not Any Longer!

   After I did a little rearranging and redecorating I had some frames that I didn't have pictures for.  So instead of pictures I thought a quote or a saying would be perfect.  Both of the frames were going to go in our bedroom on our night stands.  I wanted them to be something meaningful.  I decided on lyrics to our song and then something that is just kind of a cute saying.  Sometimes I forget about the simple tools to make something so personal.
   It's super easy and I just printed them off my computer.  I will show you how I made it work.

My Frames

  For the picture frame on the right ( 3x4) I printed the song lyrics.  This was trial and error but I ended up using size 7 font and I changed it to an olive green color.  Once I had it printed out I took the glass out of the frame and placed it over the lyrics.  Like so...

 Then I lightly traced around the glass so I could get my image centered and cut it out.

My Finished Product

   The smaller frame (wallet size) I printed "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" in size 16 font in chocolate brown.  Unfortunately the clear plastic didn't come out so I had to find a different way to center my image.  This is how I did it...

First I taped the piece of paper that came in the frame to the window like this...

Then I put my image over the piece of paper and traced around the edge with a ruler.  See the pictures below...

My Finished Product

   These will make for great presents.  You can really make them personal and unique.  Rather printing on plain paper you can use scrapbook paper.  So print and frame away.

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