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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Organization/Cleaning/Decorating: Photo boxes repurposed for the office

   I found these white photo boxes at Michaels one day for $2 each.  The sucker that I am for buying stuff that I can organize with I bought 2 of them not knowing what I was even going to do with them.  Should I paint them?  Should I get really cool paper and cut out designs and then mod podge it?  Then one day I was at Fred Meyer and was looking at more organizational things (yes again).  I found contact paper in this really pretty pattern.  So that's how this project came about.

1.  Photo boxes- Michaels $2 each
2.  Contact paper- Fred Meyer $6.99 for a 24 ft roll
 (of course you need scissors and a pencil)

  Take your photo box and gently remove the silver label holder if your box has one.  Then roll out your contact paper and trace each side of the box and lid.  Cut your pieces out and start to peeling and sticking!  The contact paper is really forgiving and you can peel it back if you position it wrong or if you get air bubbles.  Easy right?

My supplies

My pieces traced and cut out.

Finished and ready to be used.

Side view of box

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