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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paint/Wood/Metal: Cork board

   So I am sure you have all seen the cork boards that have the fabric with the ribbon to hold photos.  I have made those before and I love them but I thought of another way to make a cork board just as stylish.  You can do this without having to buy fabric which to be frank, can be expensive.

What you need and where to buy it:
1.  Cork board- Walmart for $8.96.  It's 36" x 24" (huge)
2.  Acrylic paint- Michaels for $2.49 *
3. Stencil pattern- Michaels for $4.99 for a pack of 3 with several different patterns
4.  Stencil sponge brush- Michaels about $2.99 for a pack of 3

How I did it:
 1.  I placed my stencil pattern where I liked it best.  Mine was the middle so I measured the actual cork board (without the boarder)  and determined my middle.
2.  Then I taped my pattern to the board.  This helps keep it in place so it doesn't move and mess up your design.
3.  I took my sponge brush and dabbed it into the paint that I had placed on a paper plate.  When you stencil you always want to dabb it onto a practice surface so your brush isn't drenched in paint.  This will keep it from leaking under the stencil pattern.
4.  Then I dabbed it over the pattern keeping the sponge brush straight up.  Once I was done and my pattern was painted I let it dry a little.  Then I carefully peeled my pattern off.

*You must use acrylic paint.  The cork will absorb other types of paint and it could leak under the stencil pattern.  This paint is pretty thick so it is perfect for this project.

The stencil patterns wash clean with warm water and mild soap ,if needed.  I bought the plastic kind so I could reuse them for other projects.  See my pictures below.

My supplies.

Stenciling my pattern on.

My finished product!

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