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-Geri Weitzman

Friday, September 30, 2011

Organization/Cleaning/Decorating: Giving a small laundry closet some function

   My small laundry closet was not doing anything for me when it came to organizing and storing my toiletries and cleaning products.  I needed some sort of way to give everything its own place and a better way for access with such little space.  So I came up with a fairly cheap way to do just that.
   First, I took inventory of what was in my laundry closet.  Then I categorized everything.  So I have spare towels, extra toilet paper, extra cleaning products, daily/weekly cleaning products and laundry products.   Then I purchased canvas bins with front pocket labels and metal wire baskets to put them all in.  I labeled all of the bins and baskets of what I put in each one.  That way I know which bin or basket I need and it's easy to pull down.
   Of course everyone's laundry room is going to be different but I have found that this was a perfect way to make things work.  Plus, it gave a great look to everything.  I kept with the same color scheme when I bought the bins and baskets.  I think when it comes to organization in tight spaces keeping with the same or similar colors it gives a clean, fresh feeling and catches the eye.  Watch Fred Meyers on their sales they usually offer 50% off their baskets and bins.  Walmart has a good selection as well.

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