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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fashion: Must Have Earrings

   This project was just as easy as my fabric headband.  I love jewelry and it's definitely an expensive accessory.  But I found a way to make cheap, unique earrings.

What you need:
1.  Earring pendants with a pre made ring/holes at the top-  I bought mine at Michaels.  The first pair that you will see were $4.00 but I had a 40% off any one item coupon so I got them even cheaper.
2.  Earring hooks- I got these at Michaels as well.  You can get a pack of them that have at least 6 pairs for $3.99.  Some packages will give you crimping beads or jump rings but with this project you just need the hooks.  I paid the same price for a package like that.  It never hurts to have those items for later projects.
3.  Needle noses pliers- You can buy really any where.  Michaels has ones specifically for jewelry for pretty inexpensive.  I had some in my husbands toolbox so that saved me.

   I took the earring hook and carefully twisted the bottom ring open with my needle nose pliers.  Some of the earring hooks have a tiny spring and then a crimping bead.  I twisted (or pushed) the spring up the hook slightly along with the bead.  You might have to pinch open the bead a little with your pliers.  You can usually see the slip in the bead.  That made it so I could see the loop to open it.  Once I opened the loop I slid it into the pre made loop on the pendant and closed the loop on the hook.  I slid the crimp bead and spring back down and pinched the crimp bead to close it.  DONE!  One package of earring pendants that I bought came with 3 pairs for $4.99 and I had another 40% off coupon on that as well.
My first pair.  I removed the ring and added my hook.

See the pre made holes at the top?  This made it so fast!
Hope you guys try this.  It's such an easy way to make a gift or something for yourself.  I made these 4 pair of earrings in 10 minutes.  That included the time to get my pliers and take my pictures.

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