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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: From This Moment On by Shania Twain

  Let me start by saying I have never done a book review so bare with me.  This kind of post has been well requested and long over due.  Sometimes finding the time to read let alone prepare to write a book review is a little challenging with everything else that I have going on.  However, I enjoy sharing the things that I love with you guys and this was something I had to share.

   My Overall Review:  
  I for one have been a huge fan of Shania Twain so I was already interested in reading her autobiography.  However, I did find as I read the book that this was a great read for someone who is or has gone through rough times in their life.  I always believe that it is such a learning experience to know and hear of someone else's journey.  As everyone has heard at least once in their life, "someone else has it harder/worse than you," which is true.   However, I don't believe we should compare our "hard/worse times" with everyone else because we all have our own battles with different things and view life in another way than each other.  Our "hard" may not be the same as someone else's but it's still hard.  By sharing our own battles we find comfort in knowing we are not alone and see ways that maybe we haven't tried to get through something listening to someone else's journey.  
  As I read her stories of her early life I set aside the perception I had of her being famous and put my self in her shoes.  I opened up to the fact that this wasn't just a young girl who went through some hard times and became famous but a woman who still has her ups and downs and how she manages to get through them.  I really think that this would be a great read for anyone and it gave me a greater appreciation for who Shania Twain really is.    
  There are times that I found myself not as interested in the details of her stories but she has good reason that leads you to her point of what she is sharing.  It also brings to light that she was and is just like everyone else.  Being famous isn't all glitz and glamour and I think we ,as a society obsessed with fame and fortune, tend to forget that they put their pants on one leg at time like the rest of us.  They are human and not immune to life's challenges.   
  I would recommend this book, which I have already.  If you are someone who is into autobiographies or someone who is looking for some insight on going through a difficult time in life it would be a great book.  

Disclaimer:  I am not being paid to recommend this book.  This is my true opinion of the book.

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