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Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Hair Care Routine

  For a long time I searched for products that did justice for my hair and after a long journey I finally found them!  So, let me jump right into it and tell you exactly what I use and what I do to love my hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner:

Redken's shampoos and conditioners are my favorite.  Because I have color treated hair I use a color treated shampoo.  The Color Extend line is wonderful and keeps my color vibrant.  I wash my hair every other day.

  For conditioner I use the Smooth Lock.  This conditioner is AMAZING!  Hands down the best conditioner I have used.  My trick is to rinse with cool/cold water especially if you have thick hair and if you are going to blow dry it.  One reason is hot water is damaging to your hair and skin.  Second your hair holds on to that heat and then creates steam while you blow dry your hair causing...you guessed it FUZZY hair.  Nobody wants that.

  Now, every 7-10 days I use an all cleansing shampoo to get out all of the products I have used on my hair all week.  This method really helps give back volume and shine to my hair.  Garnier Fructis makes a great shampoo called Pure Clean that I use and it smells incredible.  I follow with my normal conditioner however, if my hair is extra dry I will use a leave in conditioner after I get out of the shower as well.

Post Shampoo & Conditioner Products:

 The first product is by Paul Mitchell and it's the Super Skinny Serum.  This product  does helps lock in moisture and smooths out your hair.  I apply this while my hair is still wet.

  Then I use Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Heat Protector Spray.  My hair is wet when I apply it but I also use this on my hair after it has dried (either blow dry or hair dry) right before I use a hot tool on my hair.  If I straighten my hair it lasts for a couple of days.

  This final product I use typically if I am only going to blow dry my hair but it still does work if I let my hair air dry.  Right before I am ready to blow dry my hair I get out my absolute favorite product to give my hair some instant volume.  Once again it's Garnier Fructis to the rescue with their Sky-Hi Volume Mousse.  Holy cow!  When I use this my hair is POW huge.  I love it!  I apply it to my roots and then blow dry my hair.  I seriously have used this for YEARS and haven't found anything like it.  Other products I have used have given me great volume BUT by the end of the day I am left with really greasy, weighed down hair that no dry shampoo can help.  If I let my hair air dry I put it at my roots after it has dried and it still gives me some volume.

  Keep in mind that I am not a hair stylist, professional by any means this is just my routine and the products that I have loved for a very long time.  Make sure you use any product with caution and responsibility.  Let me know what you use.  It's always nice to try something new.  Happy hair!

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