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Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Iron on Decals

  When I made this sweater I didn't make it for Valentine's but I saved this DIY project until now because I thought it was "fitting".  If you didn't know there is some pretty nifty stuff out there that you can use to make your own iron on decals called Heat n' Bond.  I picked up some fabric, a cheap sweater and the iron on material and made my own cute sweater.  You could make any sort of decal/design and the instructions are EXTREMELY easy.  Here is how I made my sweater.   DISCLAIMER: Be careful while using a hot iron.  Make sure you have a steady surface and that you keep your cord free and clear of potential tripping.  You are responsible for your own actions.  Follow the instructions that come with the Heat n' Bond paper that you use. 

 1.  Fabric of your choice to make your design out of
 2.  Heat n' Bond Iron on paper
 3.  Iron
 4.  Clothing or fabric item you want your decal/design ironed onto.  The iron on paper instructions suggest you wash & dry your item prior.  I didn't because I am lazy and impatient.
 5.  Scissors
 6.  Pen/Pencil

How to:
 1.  Iron your fabric for your decal/design onto the Heat n' Bond paper.  The instructions will tell you which side is the side to place your fabric onto.  My instructions said it was the rough side.  Place your fabric "wrong side" to the rough side (or whatever side your instructions say) and iron.  Follow the instructions for how long you need to place the iron on the fabric and paper.  
 2.  Draw/trace your design onto the BACK side of your fabric iron on (see the picture below).  Remember if you want your design to face a certain way (or letters to look correct) you need to draw/trace your design backwards.

 3.  Cut out your design.
 4.  Peel off the smooth side of the iron on paper.  Place it onto your item and then iron.  Remember to follow the instructions that come with the paper.
 5.  Then enjoy your awesome DIY decal project.  In my case my sweater.

  I can't wait to make more things with this stuff!  You can make all sorts of cool custom shirts, sweaters, bags etc.  Enjoy and happy designing!

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