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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Simplifying Your Kitchen Cabinets

  Seven different spatulas, four half bags of sugar and parts and pieces of small kitchen appliances that you no longer have haunt your kitchen drawers and cabinets.  Just like a closet they collect a lot of junk.  Using the same pointers as yesterdays post Living Room Closet Reorganize you can do the same for your kitchen.
  I find that having an organized kitchen simplifies my routine in cooking and grocery shopping.  Knowing where everything is keeps me up on what I am out of.  To spruce things up I lined most of my drawers and cabinets with contact paper.  My biggest reason for doing this is because I recently put in a new sink and garbage disposal and I saw how bad it looked under the sink.  Here is what it looked like.  

   Before I put my contact paper down I painted the bottom of the cabinet with a primer that helps with mold and mildew.  Kilz is a great product to use and it dries quick.  Considering that I had minor water damage I figured this was a smart move.

  After all is said and done this is the new look under the sink.  I put my dish cleaning supplies in a separate tub than my other cleaners.  I also made sure that my tubs had solid bottoms just in case anything leaked.
  Moving onto my spice cabinets.  I am warning you it's bad...

  Seriously, Martha Stewart would pass out seeing this!  I moved my spices to the other side of the stove in a different cabinet.

  The most used spices are in the front rows and then what ever was left over I put on the side.  My flour and sugar went into glass containers.  My baking soda, baking powder and other small boxed baking/cooking items went into a tub and I labeled it on the outside.  Being able to see and know where everything is makes cooking easier.  I always hate when I go to cook something and I am missing an important ingredient.  We all know the spice cabinet is a dreaded area to check when making a grocery list.  This will definitely be a BIG saver for me.
  If the task of taking on your entire kitchen is too much start with one cabinet or one drawer.  Happy cleaning!

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