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-Geri Weitzman

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Favorite Products For Sensitive Skin

  As some of you may know I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin.  I have always had to be careful with what I use on my face and body.  Laundry detergents, lotions, soaps; you name it I have tried so many things to find what I can use and what I can't.  So for the longest time I didn't have a really good body wash and a body lotion.  However, I am here to share with you the products that work.

  For lotion I love using Vaseline's Total Moisture in Cocoa Radiant and body wash I use St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter.  Both of these products are AMAZING and highly recommend them even if you don't have sensitive skin.  Let me know if you try it and what you think either comment below or on my Facebook page Ohthethings Robyncando.


  1. Do you know where you can get these? and how much are they? :)

  2. I buy both at Target. The lotion is around $5.99 and the body wash is $3.79. You can usually find a coupon for the lotion and then Target will have a coupon on their web site sometimes that they allow you to double! I have bought the body wash at Walmart but it was a much smaller. Another nice thing about the body wash is that they make it in a travel size!