"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Setting

   Planning Thanksgiving is overwhelming...period.  This year for my side of the family my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  Since it is a fairly small affair we decided to use "formal dining ware".  I decided that I wanted plain white plates so for any event that called for formal dining ware in the future we had something neutral.  But white plates not so cheap I found out.  I really didn't want to spend a fortune just on plates.  I thought to myself, "you are in trouble."  But then my genius, frugal mind kicked in and I figured out a way I could create an entire table setting for cheap.  Plates, charges, cloth napkins, center piece/candles and glassware I did it!  I took notice in what I had and I only needed to buy the plates and chargers.  I broke it down piece by piece and grand total is around $52.  Below are pictures of my set up.  Keep in mind that all the food will be on a separate table.  I made it simple and easy.

Brown and gold warm up the setting.

The gold chargers bring out candle light to the table.

These are very versatile for any beverage.
  * Plates and Chargers: $1.00 each at The Dollar Tree (6 of each is $12)
            Check out your dollar store when buying things like this.  No it's not your Grandmother's china
     but if you are not going to use it all the time then consider a cheaper alternative.
 *  Napkins pack of 6 for $9.99.  I bought mine at World Market a while back.  They have about every color and they hold up well.
 *  Glassware-Stemless wine glasses pack of 4 for $9.99 at Walmart.  I already had these as well but       still for the cost of 8 for $20 you can't beat that.  I love these for water glasses.
 *  Votive candle holders $1 each
 *   Table runner $1
 *  Decorative corn 3 for $5 and twig pumpkin $1

   This setting isn't over the top but I think keeping it simple makes it more relaxing.  Be creative and use what you have.  The only things I didn't have were the plates and chargers but I wanted to show how simple it could be to put something together with "formal dinner ware".  Hope this inspires you.


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