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Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Favorite Nail Polish Combo-Natural

   When I was younger bit my nails.  I never had pretty nails to look at even in high school.  Once I got older and started getting my nails done I always leaned towards the natural look.  Sometimes I would adventure into a little color but I remained a "vanilla" kind of gal you could say.  When I stopped getting my nails done I knew I would have to keep my nails painted to prevent myself from biting them.    Now I am into all sorts of shades.  Dark colors, bright colors, funky patterns and of course, naturals.  Here is my favorite combo for a natural nail.

Base Coat:  Revlon Color Stay Base Coat
Color:  O.P.I. Dulce de Leche
             Revlon Color Stay Calla Lily
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

   Calla Lily has an iridescent glitter in it that gives it a perfect shine and catches the eye.  The Dulce de Leche is a excellent balance of pinky nude.  I think this is a great match and wonderful for any occasion.

   Let me know what your favorite natural color combo is.  I will keep sharing my other nail colors and combos that I have discovered.

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