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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweatshirt Vest

   Fall is fast approaching and there are so many cute clothes out there.  I was in a store a couple months ago and saw this sweatshirt vest.  Basically it looked like a zip up sweatshirt with no arms.  Super cute but it was $68 or so.  Um, no I can make that.  So I did and here's how.

  What you need:
1.  No sew fabric glue- Aleen's Stretchable Flexable Fabric Glue
2.  A sweatshirt
3.  Scissors
4.  Measuring tape

  How I did it:
1.  I took my sweatshirt and made sure that the seam of the arms for the front and back lined up when I lied it flat on the table.
2.  I measure a 1/2 inch from the seam and drew a line and cut off the arms.

Step #1

Step #2

3.  After I cut off the sleeves I turned the sweater inside out then used my No Sew Fabric Glue and pressed down.  I made sure that you could still see the seam on the outside of the sweater so it looks like you sewed it that way.

  You have to let the glue dry for a bit but once it's glued you are set.  It is amazing stuff and you could make a lot of projects with it.  I hope you guys like it.  Warning: my before picture looks like my sweater is a darker color but it's only because of the lighting.



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