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Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Series Day 4: Pedicure

  Who doesn't love to where sandals in the summer, am I right?  I have an enormous amount of sandals and hate for my feet to look like a hot mess in them.  Besides the everyday wear on my feet, I run and that just adds to the need for a pedicure.  So I will share with you what I do for a pedicure.

  Supplies for a great pedicure:

1.  Pumas foot scrubber
2.  Nail brush
3.  Castor oil
4.  Epsom Salt/Bath Salts
5.  Nail file

All my supplies

 Steps to a great pedicure:

1.  Trim and file your toe nails to your desired length.  I file the tops of my nails just slightly to give a smooth texture to my nails.  Then I shape my nails and wipe them off with a wash cloth.
2.  Fill your tub (or where you like to soak your feet) with warm water.  I actually like mine fairly warm but whatever temperature you like.  Then sprinkle some bath salts in.
3.  Soak your feet for 15 minutes.  Then dry them off.
4.  Take your foot scrubber and scrub the areas you need to remove the tough skin.  Don't be too rough especially on the sides or tops of your feet.  I then rinse my feet off (not in the same water as my foot bath) and scrub my toes with the foot brush. I usually give myself a pedicure before I get into the shower.
5.  Once my feet are all dried off I then rub my feet (or try to get my husband to) with Castor oil.  This trick is something I got from my mom.  As you rub your feet it begins to warm up and it relaxes your feet and keeps them so soft.  I put socks on right after I rub the Castor oil onto my feet.

  Every day when I take a shower I scrub my feet with my foot scrubber to keep my feet soft.  I also put lotion on my feet every day.  This will be a great start to a perfect pair of summer feet.

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