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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 2: Workout Ideas

Ideas To Get You Started
  These following work outs are to help get you an idea of what you can do to get started.  They can be done in your living room, outside at a near by school or a gym.  Remember to be honest with yourself and know when you need to take a break.  Enjoy this moment that you have with yourself because you will feel amazing after you exercise no matter how calm or vigorous your workout is.

  Start with a 10 minute warm up, either walk or jog.
Upper Body: 
     Regressive Push Ups

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
  Push ups are not my favorite exercise.  As a matter of fact I hate these things.  However, thanks to Meghann there is a better way of doing them without the hatred.
  Start with an elevated push up.  Keep your arms and hands shoulder width apart.  Slowly lower your chest to your hands and then slowly bring yourself back up.  As you can see in the pictures above we used the bleachers but you can use a coffee table or chair.  Just make sure it's secure when are doing these exercises.  By keeping yourself elevated you relieve the tension off your knees and your upper body.  To relieve a little more tension off the knees if this still gives you too much Meghann says to bend the knees slightly.   If you want a more advanced move bring yourself to the ground like the standard push up.  I can tell you right now I can't do them on the ground but the elevated push ups will help get me there.

 Sets and Reps:  3 to 4 sets,  10-15 reps
 Hang time: 10-15 secs (time in between reps)

Push ups to work your triceps 

  To get rid of the stinking flab under your bicep (you know when you wave it waves too) when you do push ups place your hands closer together.  As you lower yourself down keep your elbows to your side.

Sets and Reps:  3-4 sets,  10-15 reps
Hang time 10-15 secs.

Dips: Regressive, Mid-range & Advanced

Regressive: Knees bent

Mid-range:  Legs straight and on the ground

Advance:  Legs elevated and straight.

  Dips will help build your triceps.  Choose your fitness level and get started.  Keep your hands and arms a little more than should width apart and slowly lower yourself to the floor and then back up.  This will also help improve your core.  Concentrate on using your arms and core to lower and raise yourself.

Sets and Reps: 3-4 , 10-15
Hang time:  10-15 secs.


    Position yourself like you would for a push up.  Bend your leg and bring up to your elbow.  Repeat on opposite leg.  Keep your core engaged and focus on keeping yourself balanced.  Do them as quickly as you can but remember it's not a race.  Doing them right gives better results then doing them wrong and too fast.  
Sets and Reps:  3-4 sets and 10-15 reps
Hang time: 10-15 secs

Mountain Climbers:

  In the same position as a push up (you can elevate yourself if need to) bend your knee like you are climbing stairs rotating each leg.  Engage your core, balance yourself and keep a steady pace.  

Sets and Reps:  3-4 sets 15-20 reps
Hang time: 10-15 secs


  Lie on your back with your legs in the air and the soles of your feet together as much as you can bring them together.   Slowly lower your heels to the ground then slowly bring them back up.  Once you get back to the top lift your legs in the air.

Sets and Reps:  3-4 sets 15-20 reps
Hang time:  10-15 secs


  Ah yes, this will get your abs!  Lie on the ground with your arms above your head and your legs straight.  Slowly sit up and touch your toes,  while you begin to lower yourself back down begin to raise your legs.  Once your legs are elevated into the air touch your toes again.

Sets and Reps:  3-4 sets, 15-20 reps
Hang time:  10-15 secs

  Remember to breathe and take a break if you need to.  The sets and reps are just a guideline for you.  Don't beat yourself up if you don't do 20 reps and 4 sets.  The goal is to get yourself started and improve as you go.  You want to set your own pace and slowly improve and bring yourself to that next level in fitness.  Drink water and feed your muscles.  Protein intake is key before and after a workout.  Protein helps build muscle which in turns burns fat.  I really hope this helps and you find yourself feeling great.  I know I do and that is a huge difference in life.  Happy workout.
  * Please read disclaimer posted April 30, 2012.

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