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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fitness Blog Sneak Peek

    I am doing a mini series this week on fitness.  A major life style change I and my husband made about 2 or 3 years ago was getting a work out in.  We went to the gym when we "had" time and decided that the cost wasn't worth how much we weren't  going.  However, we told ourselves that if we stopped going to the gym we had to push each  other, make time for a work out and stick to it.  So that's what we did and we haven't looked back.  Walking a couple laps at the local high school track is what we started out with then slowly progressed from there.  This has been such an improvement in our lives and if it's not something in yours I am hoping this week will get you started.  This series will be informational and inspirational.

  Here is the lay out for the week:

Day 1- Meet your personal trainer
            Tons of questions answered for you to get started

Day 2- Work out ideas
             I will post a video and pictures of several different work outs that you can mix and match for beginners to advanced.  
Day 3- Staying Motivated and overview

         Disclaimer:  Please know your own abilities.  Make sure you consult a doctor before you begin a work out routine.  You are responsible for your own wellness and physical being.  We are not responsible for any injuries, or death.  You are at your own risk and we are in no means responsible for you or your actions. 

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