"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Complete Office Redo

  I have been MIA for over a week but I am back with a HUGE blog post.  Life just happened to catch up with me and I had to take a moment to breathe so I could maintain my sanity.  This should make up for lost time.

  So I took on the task of  completely redecorating and reorganizing our office.  With as much as I have been blogging, crafting and what ever else I can manage to cram into my life I needed a space that was organized, cute and fun.  Not to mention I had an itch to paint something teal.

  My basic formula to organizing anything and any room, space etc. is simple.   I take an inventory of what I have in that area.  Then I take a look (I really actually go into the space) and see where I can put things, what type of tote, bin or container I can use.  Use what you have before you go out and buy all new stuff.  Then I made a list (what a surprise).  What container I have and what will go in it.  For example see the pictures below.  I took my scrapbook paper and reorganized it.

Jammed in one drawer!  AAAHHHH!

Relief at last!  All organized.

See?  Nice and tidy.

Now there is even a spot for my stickers.

All in one.
  I went onto my closet in my office and did the same thing.  I did buy a cubby shelf unit that makes it super cute and neat.  Yes, I know it's in a closet but when I open up those doors I just feel so....accomplished and I feel so inspired to make something because I can actually find what I need.   I re painted and re purposed my wicker dresser that I had as well (see the first picture above).  I made sense of where I put things.  For instance, I put all my glue and tape in one drawer.  My tissue paper and ribbon for gifts are all in one bin.  Here are some pictures.

My teal that I have been wanting!

All organized and everything has its own place.
  For wicker dresser I took out the middle and bottom drawers.  I added a shelf to the bottom and painted the top three drawers.  I changed the handles on the drawers to add some character.   I didn't want to overwhelm the dresser with drawers any more.  Keeping something open at the bottom adds a way for you to be innovative with your space.  A pop of color in a room will always make the biggest difference.
  With the unit in the closet I wanted different textures and I wanted my things to be accessible.  I actually organized everything so well that I have empty bins!  That's always a good thing for me.

  I hope this has helped or inspired you.  These projects are a major process but if you take your time it's easy.  Be more open to the fact that your plan might change slightly.  There is always a solution to it all.

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