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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Organizing My Closet

   Where to start?  That is always the hardest part to figure out before beginning a reorganization project.  I took this challenge on with my master closet.  So I will tell you (along with pictures) what I did.
   First I made a list of the things I hated the most about my closet.  Things I knew I could fix on a small budget. I gave myself a limit of 5 things.  Why you ask?  If you don't have a huge budget or a lot of time you don't want to overwhelm yourself because once you feel that you will quit.  Am I right?  Here are my 5 things.

5 Things I Hated:
1.  Closet door- When they built the house they didn't put the kind of door that slides into the wall so when I opened the door it cut off access to half of my closet.
2.  No color- I know weird.  Why would I want color?  Well I love giving every room, nook and cranny in my house character.
3.  The floor-  Trapped cat and carpet floors don't go too well together.  I don't think I need to say much else.
4.  Access & stuffed of baskets/totes- My baskets were not being utilized well and I needed drawers to put everyday things in.
5.  Lighting-  I like to see my clothes.  My light fixture had a frosted glass and old energy sucking bulbs.

   Okay,  so now how did I fix all those things?  One at a time, shopped clearance and made exceptions.
Here are pictures of before.

The door

Some things didn't really have a place

The horrible floor.

   How I fixed my problems:
1.  I took my door off and put up a curtain.  For now I am fine with that.  However, I will be getting a kit to put in the sliding door.  I just needed to make the ability to access the other half of my closet on a budget.  Target had curtains on clearance as well as rods.  For under $20 I fixed my problem.
2.  Paint is cheap enough to make a dramatic change.  But what would you paint in a closet?  I painted my shelves and I added little things like a picture frame and labels on my drawers to my makeup and hair  organizers.  I used the Behr Paint and Primer in a sage green.  $15 for a quart.
3.  The floor is what cost us the most.  My closet is about a 30 sq. ft. space so it wasn't horrible.  We went with a peel and stick tile.  Because we have an access door in there I didn't want to make it too heavy with real tile nor did I want to put that much money into a non-living space.
4.  I went through clothes and got rid of whatever I didn't wear in the last year (because it's winter I didn't go with the 6 months rule).  I figured if I didn't wear it last summer or this winter it's being donated. Then I figured out all the baskets and totes I had and put them into better use.  I ended up buying a large 3 drawer organizer to put clothes in.  It's on wheels too so that makes it easy to move.  $23 at Target.
5.  For $10 I found an open faced light fixture and put in an energy saving bulb that gave out more light (I didn't exceed what they recommended for wattage) but used less wattage.

   I took my time.  Even though I am a person that starts a project and will have to end it the same day (or weekend) I knew this would take awhile.
My all together cost was about $150.  Between a new floor, light fixture, drawer organizer and curtain I would say that was pretty good.  Really if my carpet wasn't ripped at the door I would have thrown a rug down and saved even more.

Here's my after pictures:

Pretty floor

Color!  It makes everything POP!

My accents.  A quote from Christian Dior and my note pad.

The quote says, "Happiness is the secret to all beauty; there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness."  Christian Dior.

Simple but it does the trick

My "bloopers" or insightful photos to the project:
Me and The Greatest Husband taking a break
My job was to pull out all the staples.  
  Remember that home improvement projects will bring out every emotion in you.  Be prepared to learn from it.  My husband and I have done just about every remodeling project you could think of and it's amazing how much you learn from each other.  I didn't break a nail (I swear) and I love my husband for going along with my crazy ideas.

  I will be posting a video tour of my closet so you get a better idea of how it's all set up.  I hope you guys like this and if you have any questions please ask away.  I didn't post the steps to re-flooring only to make this not drag out but I would be more than happy to take you through it.  Happy reorganizing!

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