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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Treat for your Hands and Feet

   My husband always gets really dry hands in the winter.  The other day I was telling him about this sea salt scrub Bath and Body Works has that is amazing.  Then after I told him I thought to myself, "That is probably really easy to make yourself."  Considering the fact that I hadn't looked for the product in a few years myself there could be a possibility that they don't even sell it.  (You know how stores like to do that to you.)  Not to leave out that it was like $20 a jar.  So I made my own.

   You can use sea salt & sugars (not powdered).  Oils that you can use are endless.  I just used baby oil but extra virgin olive oil and grape seed oil are great ones too.  To give them a scent use pure extracts or essential oils.
The ratio:  2 parts salt/sugar to 1part oil then a few drops of scent if you want

  My mixture:  1 cup white sugar
                       1 cup brown sugar
                       1 cup baby oil
                       1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract and peppermint extract
  I put mine in an air-tight glass jar that I got at the dollar store a while ago.  This really didn't cost me anything but if I had bought all of it, it wouldn't have been $20 and I would have enough to fill the jar for a long time.  I am going to try this with olive oil and dried thyme, lavender, sage etc.
I hope you guys try this.

Before I added my oil and extracts.

All mixed and ready to use.

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