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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paint/Wood/Metal: How to make your own stamp

   I am going to jump right into this how to project.  Don't worry it's easy you just have to take your time and have the right tools.
The supplies you will need:
1.  Carving pad (soft)-I bought mine at Quality Art in Boise, Id fr $11.99
2.  Carving tool with different size tips-Quality Art of Michaels for around $6
3.  Your image to carve
4.  Acetone-Walmart or Target
5.  Cottonballs
6.  Paintbrush 1"
7. Knife

How to carve your stamp:
1.  Once you find your image print your image using a laser ink jet printer.  If you don't have access to one you can trace your image by using tracing paper.
2.  Take your image flip it over and lay it on top of the carving pad.  If you printed your image with an ink jet printer take your cottonball and dip into acetone but don't soak the cotton ball.  Dab it over the back of the image.  This process copies it right onto the pad.  If you traced it place it onto the carving pad the same way.  Then rub the back of the paper and it will copy the image.  Remember if you are drawing directly onto the carving pad make sure the image is reversed.  So if the is writing or something is faced right you will have to do the opposite.  Cut your stamp out of the pad so you can maneuver it while you carve.
4.  Now you are ready to carve.  I always start with the smallest tip #1.  Depending what you want to stick out you carve around it.

All my tools and supplies

The carving pad up close.

My image that I wish to carve.

My image copied onto my carving pad.

Carving around my image.

After I carved all around the image.

5.  After you carve around your image then carve out what you don't want to show.  So in the image above I carved out all the white.  I used a #3.  It's really what you would be comfortable with.

   If you have any questions  please let me know.  I am hoping to get a camera so I can actually vlog to make it easier to explain things.  This little craft I picked up is in thanks to my two followers Carma and Amanda.  They have taught me a ton of things about this along with letter boxing.  To learn more about letter boxing go to atlasquest.com.

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