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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fashion/Jewelry/Makeup: My favorite makeup tips

  Oh yes it's makeup time.  The things most women love and most men hate.  With this post I just wanted to share a few things that I love and that have given me some great tips and ideas for makeup.  I think one reason why some of us are scared to try something new (as far as makeup) is because it's on your FACE.  Right out there where everyone can see it and it's like putting yourself on display.

  One of my go to items is makeup artist Bobbi Brown's book called Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.  Love, love, love this book.  This woman is amazing and her instructions are easy to follow.  After reading her book I got compliments on my eye makeup all the time.  I would love to meet Bobbi Brown, she is such an intelligent woman.  There is a lot more than just colors behind makeup; there is chemistry and art.

  Another favorite source of mine are my Youtube channels.  Amarixe, Kandee Johnson and Tiffany D are my 3 main girls I watch.  They are all fun to watch, they share their favorite products and they have tutorials.
The links above are for the ones I watch.  If anyone has others please share in the comment box I would love to check it out.

I do want to share a couple tricks that I have just learned on my own with having sensitive skin.  First one is how to make your own makeup brusher cleanser.  Second, I change my foundation sponge every week or two.  Both of these things have improved my skin dramatically.  I try to clean my brushes about every two weeks.  If you actually need to wash them you can use the brush cleanser and run them under water with the bristles facing down.  Lay them flat to dry.

Makeup brush cleanser formula:
Witch Hazel- 2 Tablespoons
Bottled water- 1 cup
Baby shampoo- 1/2 teaspoon
  Mix it in a measuring cup and then put it in a travel size shampoo or squeeze bottle.   Pour a little bit of the cleanser onto a tissue and then swirl your brushes around.  Be gentle enough not to damage the bristles but firm enough to get down into the whole brush.  Lay them flat to dry.

  I hope you guys check out my favorite things and try a couple things.  I do have to warn you that you might get addicted to watching it and buying make up like I am now.

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