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Friday, October 7, 2011

Surprise challenge: Inexpensive Lipgloss and Lipstick to the Test!

   So I have never really been a lipstick or lipgloss person but I have always wanted to be.  I don't know if it's because I am not very brave to try colors or what but I put myself up to trying out cheap lipgloss and lipstick before I really go crazy building up a collection.  I do realize that there are brands that work for some and not for others but this post is for the ones out there that are like me.  I didn't know where to start and really I didn't want to spend $10 or more on something that I would hate.  I just want to find out what works for me and get myself use to having something like lipstick/lipgloss on all the time.  So this week I bought 3 drugstore lipglosses and next week I will buy 3 drugstore lipsticks.  I have already tested out my lipgloss.
    1.  NYC's Kiss Gloss in #531 City Sorbet-  This didn't stay on my lips the best but I loved the color. I am thinking that this would stay with a lip primer a little better though.
    2.  Bonne Bell's Lip Lites in Cappchino- This stayed on pretty well but I think this would be better over a lipstick to give it some shine.  It did keep my lips glossy as it wore off so I might be able to get past the color.
    3.  Wet and Wild's #576A-  I loved this all around.  It stays, the color is fantastic and I would buy it again.
   I hope this helps anyone out there.  The price range for these were anywhere from $1.98 to $2.98.  Yes very, very inexpensive but somewhere to start.  Look for next weeks lipstick challenge and my results from that.

Bonne Bell, Wet n' Wild, NYC

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