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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Amanda's Photo Blogging Challenge

Okay, so I finally got my challenge organized. Before I list the rules and the challenges, I want to tell you why I decided to create this challenge.
I have two goals in mind that I hope will be accomplished with this. The first is to make blogging a habit. It takes an average of sixty days to form a habit, hence the twelve week minimum you will see in the rules. The second is to enhance the blog with photos. Pictures help keep an audience engaged. They help them to understand what words alone may not convey. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Okay, so here are the rules and the challenges:

Photo/Blogging Challenge Rules:

  • One challenge must be completed each week. There is a twelve week minimum, but you may do any number of weeks from twelve to thirty.
  • Every post for the challenge must have at least one photo
  • Photos should either have you in them or been taken by you whenever possible
  • You don't have to do the challenges in order. Fit them to your needs, but no repeating a challenge twice.
  • When starting the challenge, do a quick post telling what you hope to accomplish through this and tell your readers how many weeks you're challenging yourself to do.
Challenge List: 
  1. Photos of your pets. This can be current or past pets.
  2. Photos from a recent vacation. Did you have fun? Where did you go? What did you do?
  3. Progressive photos of a project you're working on.
  4. The view from your back door.
  5. Favorite object in your house. What do you love about it?
  6. Favorite landscape photo.
  7. A recent event you attended.
  8. A photo of yourself engaging in a favorite activity.
  9. What do you do when you're bored? Don't forget the photo!
  10. A photo of you (and friends if needed) posing as a scene from your favorite T.V. show. See if your readers can guess the show!
  11. A historic landmark in your area.
  12. Take a photo from ground/floor level. Yes, you have to get down on the ground/floor to get this shot. Lay on your back and take an angled photo looking up, or lay on your stomach and get a shot from your pet/infants point of view.
  13. Take a photo of a wild animal, and yes, squirrels and birds count as "wild" animals. =)
  14. What was your favorite game as a kid? Post a picture of you playing it now.
  15. Before and after photos. This can be of a project, you, anything you can think of.
  16. A funny photo. Why does it make you laugh?
  17. A baby photo of you along with a recent photo.
  18. A photo of a flower or plant.
  19. Share three images and ask your readers to guess what they have in common.
  20. Your home.
  21. Favorite outfit. What's your style about?
  22. Take a photo of the front of your fridge. What's your magnet style? Orderly, disorderly, or no magnets at all?
  23. A picture of the book you're currently reading. Give a quick review.
  24. Your favorite piece of jewelry or accessory.
  25. Something you've made.
  26. Do you have a collection? Show us what you collect.
  27. Favorite souvenir and where it is from.
  28. A talent you have. Again, don't forget the photo!
  29. What gizmo, gadget, or device would you hate to live without?
  30. An interesting building in your area. Why do you like it?

Copy and paste the rules and challenge list to your blog so your readers know what you're doing and can participate themselves if they would like to. It might be useful to paste a copy into Word or other program so you can print a copy of the challenge list. You can then simply cross off the ones you've done, maybe highlight the ones you want to do, etc.

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