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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Product Review: Neutrogena Face Scrub & Post Shave Lotion

  My husband has always had an issue with razor bumps after shaving.  He has never really suffered from acne or anything like that but he does have his typical "T zone" problems.  He decided to try Neutrogena's Face Scrub and Post Shave Lotion after a trip to the mall when a lady in one of the kiosk's tried to sell him $100 products.  Thank goodness he married me because he knew there was a product out there that will work for you for less.
  So, let's get down to the nitty gritty.  Does he like it?  YES!  He loves it and so do I (it smells AMAZING).
  His routine:
    1.  Face Scrub every day over the entire face
    2.  Post Shave Lotion every day on the area where he shaves
    3.  Face lotion with SPF 15 every day over entire face
  Benefits my husband has had from using these products:
    1. Extremely soft skin
    2. Razor bumps are nearly vanished
    3. Smells INCREDIBLE!
    4. Black heads have reduced
    5. Skin feels clean all day

  Both of these products would make great stocking stuffers!  I know shame on me that I mentioned something Christmasy before Halloween but hey, at least you are prepared right?  Happy face washing!

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