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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thrift Store Find: New Kitchen Table

  For a long time my husband and I looked for a new kitchen table but didn't want to spend the money and we couldn't find something that we really liked.  I decided to pop into the thrift store one day and found this vintage table that was perfect; price point, style and size.   So we bought it.  My husband helped me sand it down, paint and stain it.  All we had to do is put some wood glue on thejoints of the legs and use some wood putty in a few cracks and it turned out magnificent.  I can't wait to find another piece of furniture to redo!  This only cost us $100!  If we would have had to buy the paint we used for the legs it would have been $120.  This is including all the supplies as well.  This beats the $400 table that we were eyeing at a store and to be quite honest we were not completely sold on it.



  The biggest tip I could give you is to stay even with your strokes when using a stain.  Oh, and patience.  Don't rush a project like this.  It will pay off.   Here is a close up.

  We used Poly Shades by Minwax in Espresso and the legs are Behr Ultra in Antique White eggshell finish.  We did get some help from one of our furry residence...

  She was really interested in what was going on.  I hope this inspires you to go out and find your amazing thrift store gem.  Happy thrift shopping!

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