"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finally a Reason for a Rubber Ducky!

  On Pinterest I saw this post of a homemade cake stand made out of a plate glued to a candle stick.  So I was thinking how cute it would be to put in a bathroom.  However, my counter space isn't very big and I wanted my stand to look a little different.  Now you must know one thing about me.  When I see or think of a project I always have to have a purpose for it.  I store things in the back of my mind like, I've always wanted a reason to buy rubber duckies for each holiday.  At World Market they always have such cute ones and I never have had the right spot for them.  And, come on, you want to show them off.  Well now I can.

  Instead of using a small plate on the top I used a bowl.  Yes my rubber ducky is an Easter one but trust me a I have a dressed down Plain Jane one.  I just wanted you to get the full affect.  I bought some soaps and a natural sponge too.  Now I have a place to put all the fun little things, oh and a reason to make a project.

This is all you need.

Glue on the bottom rim of the candle stick.

My project complete in 2 minutes!

  All you need is two plates (or a bowl for the top) and some silicone household glue that will adhere to glass and ceramic.  I found mine at Home Depot for $4.99.  My plate and bowl were each $3.99.  I already had the glue so my project only cost me $8.00.  If you included all the rubber duckies and soaps it would seem a little pricey but it makes for great, decorative storage.

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