"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of it."
-Geri Weitzman

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thread/Needle/Fabric: Mini Yard Flag

   When I was buying my felt fabric for this project I had decided that I wanted to make a Fall flag rather than Halloween.  First I know what you're thinking, "She bought more of that dang felt fabric" and "why not Halloween?" I love Halloween I just wanted to make more of a seasonal flag and I love the colors that I picked.

How I did it:
1.  I traced a leaf pattern using my cookie cutters
2.  I cut out my pattern and embroidered the veining on the leaves
3.  I glued the leaves to the front of my flag then glued the front piece to the back by making a  line of glue at the top then about a half an inch down I put down another line of glue on the front piece and placing the back piece to the front.
   You could really do a lot of different things.  Rather than using a normal yard hook you could put a dowel through the top and then tack a string or ribbon to hang it on a door.

Fall greetings in the front flower bed.

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