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-Geri Weitzman

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Surprise Challenge: Inexpensive Lipstick

   This challenge actually took me by surprise.  All the lipsticks I bought and tested were awesome and I would recommend them to anyone.  Like I said before all products work differently on everyone but these are inexpensive enough to try and not feel like a waste if you end up not liking them.  Now I am completely obsessed with lipstick.

   From left to right: Maybelline in Totally Toffee, L'oreal in Raisin Rapture, NYC in Fragile Pink.
Maybelline's Totally Toffee is a nude/neutral color.  This is nice to put on with any outfit so when I had a more dramatic eye I wore this color.  It stayed on very well and I actually added the Bonn Bell's lipgloss that I used in my Surprise Challenge lipgloss blog.  The Raisin Rapture is a very dramatic color but it is a great shade for Fall/Winter.  NYC's lipstick was the biggest surprise of them all.  I really love this color.  I will probably wait to wear it more often in the Spring and Summer just because it's a very pink color.

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